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Essential Considerations When Choosing Lawn Turf

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Your new residential property may be complete, which means it is time to install turf. How do you go about the selection process to achieve the desired look on your lawn? Notably, it is quite unfortunate that most homeowners do not look beyond aesthetics when choosing lawn turf. It is not advisable to base your turf choice on looks alone since it increases the likelihood of buying the wrong sod. This article highlights crucial factors to consider when purchasing lawn turf.

Expected Foot Traffic

The first and arguably most important consideration when choosing lawn turf is the expected foot traffic. For instance, if you have children and pets in your home, they will run and play on the turf constantly. Similarly, your turf will be exposed to significant foot traffic if you host friends or family in your backyard every weekend. Thus, choose turf that can withstand constant usage without showing signs of deterioration. On the other hand, if you install soft turf, you will be repairing and replacing worn-out sections regularly, which can be expensive. Therefore, match your preferred turf to the expected foot traffic.

Local Climate Conditions

Grass species, like any other type of greenery, perform differently depending on local climatic conditions. Therefore, you must keep this in mind when buying turf for your recently completed property. For example, some grass species need up to eight hours of sun exposure to remain healthy. Conversely, other species can survive with just four hours of sun exposure. In this case, cold-resistant turf is suitable in areas that receive minimal sunlight throughout the day, while heat-resistant grass is ideal for coastal regions. If you do not consider local weather conditions, you risk installing turf that will not last more than a couple of weeks.

Maintenance Needs

While proper sod maintenance is vital for longevity, you need to consider the effort required. It is essential because some grass species are high-maintenance and can be challenging for a busy person or if you want to keep overhead costs low. For instance, some turf needs to be watered every few hours daily for the first few weeks. However, it can increase your water bill significantly and put a dent in your finances. Such a sod is only practical if you can install an irrigation system with smart technology or have an alternative water source besides the mains. If you do not have enough resources for lawn care, opt for low-maintenance turf that retains moisture for a long time.

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