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Why Buffalo Turf Is the Go-To Choice for Your Lawn Needs

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If you're looking for a lush green lawn that's low maintenance and incredibly durable, you can never go wrong with Buffalo turf. This warm-season grass species is one of Australia's favourite lawns that are often used in sports fields, residential and commercial settings. So, why is Buffalo turf the best all-around solution for your lawn needs?

Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons Buffalo turf is a favourite lawn species in Australia is because it's incredibly low maintenance. Unlike other grass species, this type of turf requires less fertiliser and mowing, making it perfect for busy homeowners. Buffalo turf is a deep-rooted grass that needs minimal watering, so it can certainly withstand those droughts in the harsh Australian climate. Plus, thanks to its low growth habit, homeowners only need to mow their lawn every couple of weeks during the growing seasons.

Pest Resistance

Another advantage of Buffalo turf is that it's resistant to pests and disease. If you're tired of dealing with lawn pests like grubs, ants and termites, Buffalo turf should be your top choice. It has a tight-knit growth habit, which makes it difficult for weeds to grow, and that's often where these pests thrive. It also produces a fibrous root system, which filters dirt and reduces drainage issues that could attract pests and insects.

Drought Resistance

Australia is known for its hot, dry weather, especially during the summer months. However, Buffalo turf's deep-rooted system makes it highly drought-resistant, meaning it can survive for long periods without water. It's also one of the few grass species that can quickly recover and go back to its lush and vibrant state once the weather conditions improve.


Buffalo turf is an exceptional choice for high-traffic areas. Due to its strong growth habit, this turf can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for sports fields, playgrounds and busy residential areas.

Blending In

Buffalo turf is a versatile lawn that can blend with any environment. It comes in different varieties, such as Sapphire, Palmetto and Matilda, and each has a unique texture, colour and visual appeal. Also, it often has a lush deep-green colour that many homeowners find appealing, making it an excellent choice for enhancing a property's aesthetic value.

The Bottom Line

In summary, if you're looking for a low-maintenance, durable, pest-resistant and versatile lawn option in Australia, for further information, get in touch with suppliers who specialise in providing this product.

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