Installing New Landscaping in Your Home

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How to Use Paving to Enhance Your Home's Landscaping

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Your property might have some of the best and most colourful plants and flowers on the block, but for some reason, you may think that your outdoor space doesn't yet look finished and attractive. To call attention to the landscaping and make it stand out, you might use some type of paving, such as patio stones or stained and stamped concrete. Paving will add contrast to your property's landscaping features and help to anchor them, so your outdoor space is inviting while also looking manicured and finished. Note a few tips on how to use paving to enhance your home's landscaping, and discuss these ideas with a paving contractor or landscaper as needed.


To anchor a landscaping feature means to give it a type of base, so that it stands out. Anchoring landscaping features works like adding an area rug to a room; the furniture on that rug all looks like it belongs together, and it creates one solid, cohesive feature. Create this same effect for your home's landscaping by choosing an area of the property where plants, shrubs, or flowers seem too spread out, or are easy to miss. Add paving around those features to create one cluster or grouping that is anchored together. This will make that area of landscaping stand out and be much easier to appreciate.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are often constructed on a property to control the flow of moisture under the ground, but these walls can also be simply decorative. A retaining wall with several steps can hold flowers or plantings in each step, so the landscaping then has height and a bit of drama. You might also have a short retaining wall built between a tree and the flowers in front of it, to help those flowers stand out and not get lost, and to provide some contrast between those pieces.


A good way to pull all your landscaping features together is to create a path between those pieces, or in front of them. You can set down patio pavers, leaving some space between them so that your grass can grow and surround them, or you can have concrete poured and then stamped to create the look of stone tiles. The path might curve and bend around the yard, adding some shape to an otherwise boxy property. Coloured pavers or stained concrete can also enhance the colour of your landscaping flowers, or add a needed pop of colour against hedges and other greenery.