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Choosing The Right Mulch For Your Garden

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When you worry about your garden being overrun by weeds, you should think about the options for crop cover, including mulch materials. If you're unfamiliar with your choices for mulch cover to protect your crops, the process may be confusing. Here's a look at some of the mulch materials that you can consider for your option.


Bark mulch is one of the most commonly used types of mulch available. It's an affordable, cost-effective option crafted from several different types of trees. Wood decomposes slowly but breaks down completely, making it an environmentally friendly mulch choice. As the bark decomposes, it draws nitrogen from the soil that your plants are growing in. If the soil itself has minimal nitrogen in it, you'll need to add some fertilizer to help boost the content.


Another mulch option available to you is one made from stone. The stone used for mulch is designed to help hold heat in the soil, which is important for plants that are sensitive to cold weather. If you are planting in an area where the temperatures drop, this is ideal. However, if you live in an area where the temperatures are higher, you should avoid this since it's likely to overheat and potentially burn the roots.


Cocoa hulls are a more unusual choice, but they are also a decorative, unique option. The colour of cocoa hulls creates a deep, rich appearance in your garden. They also produce a mild aroma of chocolate that can make your garden a pleasant place to be. One of the best things about cocoa hulls is that they aren't vulnerable to bleaching from the sun like other mulch materials are. Just remember that cocoa hulls can be hazardous to the local animals, so be cautious about using them in a neighbourhood with a lot of free-roaming cats and dogs.

Mulch is an important investment for protecting your landscape against weed growth and other infestations. In addition, it helps to retain moisture in the soil beneath, which helps plants grow and thrive. If you live in an area where moisture is a concern, choosing the right mulch is important for combatting the dehydration risk. There are many options that you can choose based on physical benefits as well as their basic appearance. If you're not sure which mulch type is best for your situation, talk with a local landscaper today for more advice.