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2 Projects You'll Need To Undertake To Prepare Your Bush Block For Building

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Buying a bush block in the countryside to build a secluded and serene home on is a popular choice for many Australians. The peace and solitude of a forest setting and having many acres of your own land to enjoy is an attractive idea, and you may be looking forward to escaping the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Before you can commence the building of your country home, you'll need to prepare your block for access and create a suitable site to build on. Here are two projects that you'll need to undertake before any building work can begin.

1. Site access

Bush blocks are generally in an untouched state, which means that your new land is unlikely to have an access road. If there is one, it's most likely a rough track that isn't suitable for most vehicles. As well as providing access to your home site for yourself, you'll need a road that can accommodate delivery trucks and contractor vehicles while your home is built.

Hiring a company that provides land clearing services is the fastest, safest and most effective way to create your access road. They will strip out the trees and foliage that lie along the planned route of the access road and remove it from the site. After this is completed, they can compact the bare earth of the road into a hard and more easily traversed surface.

You may also like to add gravel to the surface as well. This makes the road even harder and less susceptible to cracking, spreading or becoming a mud pit during wet weather. Adding a bitumen surface is another option. Although this is an added expense, it will provide you with an access road that is strong and durable and that can be driven on by everything from heavy trucks to small cars.

2. Building site preparation

Whatever style of home you intend to build, you'll need to clear a suitable site on which to build. This generally involves removal of trees and foliage and a levelling out of the space. Your building site will also need to be compacted to provide a strong and steady base for your home to be built on.

If your building site is on a steep part of your land, you may also need to excavate to create the building platform you need. You may also need to have retaining walls or terraces constructed by the excavation and land clearing company to ensure that the steep site won't be negatively affected by land slippage or erosion from wet weather.