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Three Practical Gifts For The First-Time Homeowner

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It is an exciting and emotional time when your oldest child moves out of home for the first time. However, before you start plotting about what you are going to do with their room, it is time to turn your attention to a housewarming gift. A great gift for the first-time homeowner is one that is useful. While many people immediately head for the small appliance section of the department store, now is a great time of year to purchase an outdoor gift instead. These three housewarming gift ideas are guaranteed to be well received by your child.


Do you know the origin of a housewarming party? Before central heating came along, a housewarming party was literally a party to get the house warm. People would come to the event with firewood, which would then be set alight in each of the home's fireplaces.

This tradition is long gone, but considering it is the middle of winter, a delivery of bulk seasoned firewood is a timely gift. Not only will it keep your child warm during the rest of the cold season, but it will also reduce their electricity costs, as they won't need to run a heater to keep themselves warm.


A bulk delivery of mulch is another practical gift for the gardening child in your life. Winter is the perfect time to remove old mulch and replace it with new product, as many plants are in a dormant growing phase.

You may be able to purchase the mulch from the same provider as the bulk firewood, since chipped wood is a great mulch choice. Wood mulch provides the ground beneath it with valuable nutrients as it breaks down. Make sure you warn your child not to place wood mulch up against tree trunks, though, as fungus and insects will love the combination of warmth and moisture that mulch brings. Insects and fungus can lead to tree trunk disease.

Landscaping Tools

Lastly, when purchasing practical gifts for your child's first home, make sure you also buy the tools they will need. For example, buy a tarpaulin to accompany a bulk firewood delivery so they can cover the wood to protect it from the rain. Send a wheelbarrow and a rake along with the mulch delivery so they can easily move the mulch around the garden.

While practical gifts may not seem particularly exciting, your child will thank you once they are warm and have beautifully mulched gardens. Be warned though; you may be asked to help out once the gift arrives!