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Reasons You Should Get That Tree Stump Removed

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If you've had a mature tree cut down in your garden, you might be left with a stump. And, unless you were planning on planting a new tree or doing some other kind of landscaping in the same spot, you might be intending to just leave the stump where it is. After all, removing a tree stump can be rather difficult if you don't have the equipment or knowledge to do so, and an old stump can even make quite an attractive feature.

Unfortunately, there are some very good reasons you might want to rethink your plans and get a stump grinding service to remove it, after all.

Rot and disease

The stump might look just fine right now, but it probably won't always. As time goes by, the wood will start to rot, which can be unpleasant and even smelly. But that's not the only problem. Rot, mould and damaging fungi can spread to other plants and leave you with a big problem on your hands if you don't want your garden to suffer.


It's not just the rot itself and the damaging growth it attracts that will cause you problems. A mouldering chunk of wood is an ideal haven for all kinds of insects, and while many of them will be harmless, there are plenty that won't. Again, this can lead to damage to the plants you want to keep, and you might even find some new residents that bite or sting.

Potential new growth

If you've left the stump for a while and it hasn't started to rot, you probably think you don't have anything to worry about. Well, if it's not rotting, there's a reason for that – it's most likely still alive. And that means, sooner or later, it's going to start sprouting with new growth, and it won't look nearly as attractive as the original tree did.

Limited landscaping options

You might think the tree stump won't interfere with your gardening plans, and that's fine for the time being. But plans change and you don't want to be limited in your options because you left the stump there after the tree was removed.

Tripping hazard

It should go without saying that having a tree stump sticking out of the ground, especially in an area that's otherwise hazard-free, is likely to make someone trip over and hurt themselves eventually. It's doubly important to remove this dangerous obstacle if there are children playing in the area.