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What Ride-On Lawn Mowers Are and The Various Types of Ride-On Mowers Available

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When it comes to keeping a residential lawn well-kempt, a good lawn mower is a home owner's best aide. But with many different types of lawn mowers being sold out there, a lot of Australian home owners usually find it hard to choose a machine they can use for their routine lawn mowing tasks. If you are facing the same conundrum, read on below to learn about what ride-on mowers are and the various types of ride-on mowers you can choose from for your residential lawn mowing.

What are ride-on lawn mowers?

As their name suggests, ride-on mowers are designed to allow the operator to go about their lawn mowing while comfortably seated on the driver's seat. These lawn mowers are operated using steering controls, which eliminate the need to apply a great amount of physical effort while lawn mowing, as is the case with walk-behinds. Because ride on mowers allows people to mow their lawns without the hassles associated with walk-behind models, they are an appropriate choice for home owners with medium to large-sized lawns.

What are the different types of ride-on mowers available?

Before you go off to purchase a ride-on mower, you should know that not all riding mowers are created equal. So, what types of riding mowers are available? Keep reading on to find out.

  • Rear engine mowers — the engine of these mowers is located in the rear of the machine, as their name implies. These mowers are the most affordable, and they are primarily built for to cutting grass. Many people love to use a rear engine mower because it allows for better visibility over the work area, with the engine located in the rear of the machine.
  • Zero turn radius mowers — these lawn mowers can turn 360 degrees, allowing for excellent manoeuvrability around the work area. This makes zero turn mowers an ideal choice for lawns with numerous obstacles like flower beds and trees. In addition, zero turn mowers cut grass much faster than rear engine mowers, making them ideal for use in jobs requiring faster completion rates.
  • Lawn tractors — these workhouses are an excellent option for home owners with large lawns. They can do more than just lawn mowing when used together with attachments like sweepers, dethatchers, carts, snow blades, tillers, baggers, and so on. Hence, lawn tractors are a perfect choice for home owners that want to do a myriad of landscaping and gardening tasks.

Feel free to contact a lawn mower manufacturer or supplier in your local area to discuss about your specific residential landscaping needs and determine what type of riding mower is suitable for you.