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3 Helpful Features of Irrigation Controllers

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Some people may not benefit fully from the irrigation controllers that they have installed due to having limited knowledge about all their features. Below are important features that owners of irrigation systems need to know, whether you use it only for your home or for offering commercial landscape services. Use this information to help you to get more value from your irrigation controller.

Circuit Check Feature

Different manufacturers of commercial irrigation controllers may call this feature by different names. It is useful when you would like to know whether the wiring of your irrigation system has developed any problem. For example, you can use it to identify any short circuits within the wiring system. This information can help you to fix the problem quickly before it causes more damage to your irrigation system. The circuit test feature is also a good way to reduce the amount of time that is required to check the different circuits within the irrigation system. This is because manual checks/tests do not have to be done in the field. Instead, the appropriate command is entered on the controller so that the relevant data can be viewed on the screen of the controller. You can then go to the field to implement remedial action for the defects seen.

Programmable Delays

The different components of your irrigation system may weaken over time. For example, the rate at which your well recharges may gradually slow down. This can put your pump at the risk of cavitation in case it keeps working when the water level is low. Programmable delays can enable you to set an interval that should elapse between the operations of the different stations in your irrigation system. That delay will allow the well to recharge adequately before more water is drawn for the other stations of your irrigation system. This feature is also useful in case the valves in the pump system close slowly or the pump is operating at almost full capacity.

Functionality Test Feature

Many irrigation controllers also come with a feature that allows you to test one station at a time until all stations have been tested. The test runs are set to trigger each station following a predetermined sequence. In this way, you can observe each station to confirm that all are working properly. Such a test may be necessary after conducting major repairs or when you have installed new components to the irrigation system. You can also run such a test after a major event, such as a flood or earthquake.

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