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Three Reasons Why You Should Select Kikuyu Grass for Your Lawn

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Kikuyu grass is native to Africa and has become one of the popular warm-season perennial grasses in Australia. The leaves and stems of the grass are covered with fine hairs that give it a coarse texture. The difference between this grass species and the Bermuda and St. Augustine species is that Kikuyu grass has a flat leaf blade and pointed tip, and its fringe of hairs is a little longer. Here are the three main reasons that you should consider having Kikuyu grass on your lawn or backyard.

Ease of propagation

There are four main ways that you can have this grass planted on your lawn: the seeds, sod, plugs, and sprigs. When you transfer sod, you get a solid turf cover. On the other hand, if the soil you want to cover with grass is bare, it is best to use the seeds. Plugs are great when you want to start the lawn in autumn, and finally, the sprigs are great to cover areas which do not have good coverage. The grass is lovely because you will know good establishment has occurred just a few weeks after installation when the growth conditions are right. 

Fast growth

The other benefit that you get from the species is fast establishment. When the prevailing weather conditions are right, the grass can grow as much as one inch in a day. The grass can weather high temperatures without wilting because it comes from tropical climates. It is also one of the best grass species when it comes to retention of colour and healthy condition in the winter. 

Thick coverage

The other wonderful benefit that comes with the grass is that in addition to its fast growth, the grass forms a very thick mat over the entire area which it covers. Its rapid rate of growth helps it recover from pivot injuries fast. It tolerates foot traffic brilliantly and is therefore excellent for lawns where little kids play often. 

Most homeowners love this grass type because it can survive with as little maintenance as possible. The grass also competes well against the invasion of weed and other small parasitic plants. You may need to add a little nitrogen as is necessary to patches of your lawn that may not have proper nutrition, and the grass will blossom in all its greenness and glory. Try Kikuyu turf for a lawn that all your neighbours will envy.