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Can Spray Grass Make a Worn Lawn Look Lush Again?

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If you enjoy spending time in your garden, then you probably want your lawn to look lush and healthy. However, you can't always control how your grass grows.

Years of kids running around on the lawn may have left you with patchy and worn grass. If you've recently had building work done in your garden or outside your home, then your contractor's equipment might have chewed up parts of your lawn.

If your lawn looks like it's on its last legs, you might even think about replacing it. You don't want to wait for it to grow from seed and you don't have a lot of time to nurture turf after it is laid. In these cases, spray grass is a good compromise.

What is spray grass and how can it help you?

What Is Spray Grass?

Spray grass is a wet mix that contains everything you need to grow grass. For example, a spray usually contains things like water, grass seed, fertiliser and mulch. There is also a binding agent in there that holds all the ingredients together.

The mix is sprayed over the ground it needs to cover. The seeds then embed and grow, helped along by the other contents of the mix.

Why Use Spray Grass?

Spray grass is an easy way to create new grass growth on a failing lawn. The mix covers dead or worn areas. It also promotes growth on parts of the lawn that are in better shape.

You don't have any work to do here. If you laid turf, you'd have to water it regularly to help it bed in. You can simply leave spray grass to bed down on its own. The mix contains everything the grass seed needs to flourish.

This is also a quicker solution than simply sowing grass seed. For a start, the green colour of the mix makes your lawn look better straight after spraying. The spray itself embeds and starts to grow far more quickly than a regular seed. Its blend of nutrients helps the seeds flourish on their own.

Plus, you don't have to worry about losing your soil while you wait for seeds to bed in. If your lawn has completely lost grass, then the underlying soil can blow away in even light winds. This degrades soil quality. A spray mix gives you bioganics erosion control — it sits on bare patches and holds the soil down.

To find out more about spray grass and its benefits, talk to hydromulching contractors.