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Benefits of Fogging for Disinfecting Your Office

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Never heard of fogging? Fogging is a type of disinfection that uses very low concentrations of biocides (liquid agents that kill germs) in vapour to thoroughly sanitize any room, no matter how big or tightly packed it is. Foggers have been used for decades in facilities like hospitals and laboratories, but these days, you can find many corporate office cleaning companies that offer fogging services for workplaces. But why opt for fogging in the first place? If you're on the fence about this modern cleaning solution, take a look at these four benefits it will bring to your office.

1. Effective for hard-to-reach places

One of the biggest benefits of using fogging for disinfecting your office is that you don't have to work hard to reach all the places where bacteria and viruses can be hiding. The high concentration of biocides in the fog allows it to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach places, including air vents, ceiling, corners, closed doors and more. 

2. Fast disinfection times

In a fast-paced office environment, speed is everything. Many office managers avoid deep cleaning treatments because of how long they take, suspending all work until they're finished. A fogging system is ideal for disinfecting workspaces quickly because there is no need to wait days for the process to be over. The high concentration of biocides in the solution will quickly penetrate into every nook and cranny and sanitize the entire space. As such, the entire process is usually complete within a few hours, which means your staff can get back to work quicker than ever.

3. Disinfects computer surfaces too

You might not realize it, but your computers, printers, fax machines, and other office electronics can all become havens for bacteria if you don't regularly clean them. Of course, it can be frustrating to disinfect electronics like these without damaging them because of how sensitive they are to moisture. While some fogging agents are unsuitable for use around electronics, others are able to disinfect electronic surfaces without doing any harm to their internal components. 

4. Great for infection control

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, infection control is more important than ever. There's a reason why hospitals often use fogging machines: because they're effective at keeping bacteria and viruses from spreading. High concentrations of biocides ward off diseases and infections before they have time to take hold, ensuring your workplace won't end up out of action if a public health crisis strikes again.