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Two Landscaping Elements that Will Enhance Your Garden

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If you love being out in the yard and getting creative, you have plenty of ways to improve the garden. Here are two elements that can help.


Mulch serves the dual purpose of making the garden beds look attractive and enriching the soil if you opt for an organic variety. Wood chips add interesting textures and warm tones to the landscape in red, brown, and black shades. Consider the tones in the landscape when choosing a particular colour. If your house walls are composed of red brick, brown or black chips will add contrast. Straw is another option that spreads golden shades around the landscape. Organic mulches break down and nourish your garden, so they'll require periodic top-ups.

For an inorganic mulch, you could use pebbles that come in a rainbow of earthy shades like red, yellow, black and cream. You can create striking effects with stones by creating a totally black garden bed or a completely white one. You can also use muted warm tones for a subtler look.

All mulch types help prevent weeds, halt runoff in the rain, and help the garden beds remain at a consistent temperature. The garden will look neater and more organised with mulch, as it will often create a stronger contrast between the beds and lawn, for instance.

Boulders and Gravel

Other ways to enhance your yard are to use boulders and gravel. Boulders are helpful in a variety of ways. You could create a feature by arranging several large boulders together. Pick interesting shapes and sizes, but choose one standout boulder to be the star. Then complement it with the other ones. If you can find boulders with flattish tops at a good height, they can serve as casual seating. You can also use boulders to create a retaining wall. You'll need an expert's help who can handpick specific sizes and shapes to create a stable barrier. Rocks also make up gabion retaining walls, which are wire cages filled with stone chunks of varying sizes.

At the other end of the size scale, gravel adds interest to the garden. You can create gravel paths, a patio, or a gravel driveway. Crushed rock, which has angular edges, is often better than rounded pebbles. The crushed pieces lock together more firmly as people walk over the surface. The same holds for cars on a gravel driveway. Pebbles roll around more and so they aren't as stable. Your landscape supplies expert can advise you on specific gravel that will work for your project.

For more information on how you can use landscape supplies, contact a company near you.