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Should You Buy Artificial Or Natural Buffalo Turf? A Complete Guide

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Buffalo turf is a favourite grass for most landscapers and homeowners. Besides being lush, buffalo turf is low maintenance and can withstand long, dry spells. Most people are often undecided about whether they should buy artificial or natural turf. Below is a guide comparing the two options.

Buying Natural Buffalo Turf

Natural turf is a preferable choice due to its natural appeal. Consider these insights when purchasing natural buffalo turf:

  • When purchasing seed, perform due diligence to establish the seed quality. For example, check whether the seed is suitable for your climate.
  • When buying sod, assess the square footage of your landscape to establish the volume of grass needed in your landscape. Moreover, inspect the sod to ensure it has no pests or weeds.
  • Prepare your landscape for planting. Ideally, clear the area to eliminate weeds that could affect the grass. If possible, use artificial fertilisers during planting.
  • Water the turf regularly to keep the grass healthy. However, do not overwater the landscape since buffalo turf is a dry-season grass. 

Proper lawn maintenance is a sure way to keep your landscape green and lush. Although buffalo turf is a low-maintenance grass, inspect your landscape to remove foreign plants that could affect turf growth. 

Buying Artificial Buffalo Turf

Below are some reasons you to purchase artificial turf:

  • You do not need to wait several weeks for the grass to grow.
  • Artificial turf requires zero to no maintenance. Besides, it suits all types of climates.
  • During installation, the landscaper levels your landscape and creates drainage channels. Therefore, you do not need to worry about water puddling.
  • Artificial buffalo turf does not have bare spots caused by uneven growth. As such, you are assured of a lush lawn all year round. 

When buying artificial turf, your immediate concern would be the turf's durability. Most companies give a warranty on their products. However, you should consider checking customer reviews to establish whether the grass can withstand heavy traffic or if the grass fades or wears out over time. The rule is to purchase high-quality products to avoid regular maintenance and turf repairs. Then, determine the qualities of your preferred turf. For instance, what shade do you need? What length suits your landscape? Do you like soft or tough varieties? What density fits your lawn? Compare the pricing of varieties that meet your minimum criteria. You should also ask the seller to offer free shipping and installation. It is an easy way to save costs.  

For more information on buffalo turf, contact a professional near you.