Installing New Landscaping in Your Home

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Three Reasons Why You Should Select Kikuyu Grass for Your Lawn

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Kikuyu grass is native to Africa and has become one of the popular warm-season perennial grasses in Australia. The leaves and stems of the grass are covered with fine hairs that give it a coarse texture. The difference between this grass species and the Bermuda and St. Augustine species is that Kikuyu grass has a flat leaf blade and pointed tip, and its fringe of hairs is a little longer. Here are the three main reasons that you should consider having Kikuyu grass on your lawn or backyard. Read More»

2 Important Things To Remember When Working With A Landscape Designer

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For most Australian homeowners, the outdoor living spaces of their home are considered as important as the internal ones. Backyards are no longer simply large, grassy areas. They’re considered an external room that serves multiple purposes, such as dining, recreation and entertaining. For this reason, many people are turning to professional landscape designers to create a beautiful, functional and personal look for their outdoor space. Whether you have a regular size garden or one that is bigger or smaller than usual, a landscape designer will help you to make the most of the available space, ensure privacy and create a garden that you can easily maintain. Read More»