Installing New Landscaping in Your Home

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Two Landscaping Elements that Will Enhance Your Garden

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If you love being out in the yard and getting creative, you have plenty of ways to improve the garden. Here are two elements that can help. Mulch Mulch serves the dual purpose of making the garden beds look attractive and enriching the soil if you opt for an organic variety. Wood chips add interesting textures and warm tones to the landscape in red, brown, and black shades. Consider the tones in the landscape when choosing a particular colour. Read More»

Planting An Autumn Garden? 4 Soil Supplies You Need To Have On Hand

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Autumn will be here before you know it. If you’ve been using your gardens for several crop rotations, it might be time for some soil replenishment. You might not realise this, but garden soil can be depleted of vital nutrients, especially after constant use. If you plan to grow vegetables in your gardens this autumn, now’s the time to gather your soil supplies. If you’re not sure what type of supplies you’ll need, read the list provided below. Read More»