Installing New Landscaping in Your Home

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Keeping Unsightly Moss, Lichen and Algae Away From a Grave

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Keeping a monument looking beautiful can almost be a full-time job. Of course, it’s something that’s an important part of remembering a loved one, but still sometimes a difficult task that you’d probably spend less time worrying about if you could. The worst culprits in terms of making a gravestone look less than perfect are mosses, lichens and algae. These types of plants grow without needing anything to put roots down into, and their spores are easily carried, so they can start to settle into stone quite easily. Read More»

Keeping Your Paving Free of Moss and Weeds

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However you have your paving arranged, it’s the one spot in the garden that’s clear, simple and neat, providing an easy way to get around without trampling on the lawn or your prized plants. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always stay that way. It’s not too difficult to stop grass from growing across paving, but weeds and moss? That’s another story. Sometimes it seems like various undesirable plants spring up in all the gaps overnight, and a thick mossy covering can appear out of nowhere. Read More»

How To Keep Grubs And Bugs At Bay This Winter By Removing Mulch

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Winter has well and truly set in, and snow is falling in parts of Australia. Winter is the perfect time of year to get annoying bugs and grubs out of your garden, but as an amateur gardener, you might not be sure how to tackle this task. Use these tips to flush grubs, beetles and other soil dwellers out of their hibernation home. Remove Existing Mulch Mulch in the garden does the hard work of keeping water and nutrients from evaporating from the soil during the summer months. Read More»

Understanding the Different Techniques Involved in Land Surveying Process

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The surveying process is very important in most landscaping and land development processes today. It is performed to determine the actual position of objects by measuring their distances and angles of location. To increase the level of accuracy, measurement of all factors that can potentially affect the results is also determined. The data obtained is then used to create bearings, elevations, vectors, volumes, plans, coordinates, and maps. In most cases, the measurements will often be split into vertical and horizontal components to make calculation easy. Read More»

Why Roadway Landscaping Is Far More Important Than You Thought

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Many people think that landscaping is only important when it comes to improving the appearance of a private property. They may understand the need to invest in such work at home, or appreciate how attractive a new shopping centre looks after it’s completed. Yet local streets and highways also need their own beautification and not just for aesthetic purposes. Why is it crucial to engage the services of a landscaper for the next roadway construction project? Read More»